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Emerging Technologies 2018 Conference Program

The program is subject to change in the weeks leading up to the conference. Check back here for the latest schedule, or follow us on Twitter External link symbol for real-time notice of updates to the program.

Click a session name below to see a listing of the talks scheduled in the session.

May 09, 2018

08:30  Session P1 – Plenary I  (Mt. Currie South)

13:30  Session A1 – Devices, Circuits and Systems  (Sutcliffe A)

13:30  Session B1 – Nanoscale Devices and MEMS  (Sutcliffe B)

13:30  Session C1 – Quantum Computing and Photonics  (Black Tusk)

13:30  Session D1 – Thin Film Devices and Electronics  (Diamond Head)

13:30  Session E1 – Advanced Materials  (Mt. Currie South)


May 10, 2018

09:00  Session A2 – Memories and Computing  (Sutcliffe A)

09:00  Session B2 – Next-Generation Wireless  (Sutcliffe B)

09:00  Session C2 – Sensors  (Black Tusk)

09:00  Session D2 – Digital Revolution and IoT  (Diamond Head)

09:00  Session E2 – Nanotechnology  (Mt. Currie South)

13:30  Session A3 – Energy Harvesting and Storage  (Sutcliffe A)

13:30  Session B3 – Wireless Technologies  (Sutcliffe B)

13:30  Session C3 – Optics and Photonics  (Black Tusk)

13:30  Session D3 – Medical Technologies  (Diamond Head)

13:30  Session E3 – Nanomaterials and Smart Materials  (Mt. Currie South)

19:00  Session N1 – Networking Reception  (Mt. Currie North)


May 11, 2018

09:00  Session A4 – Circuits and Systems Design and Manufacture  (Sutcliffe A)

09:00  Session C4 – Radiation Detection and Imaging  (Black Tusk)

09:00  Session D4 – Biotechnology  (Diamond Head)

09:00  Session E4 – Optical Materials and Devices  (Mt. Currie South)

13:30  Session P2 – Plenary II  (Mt. Currie South)


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