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Proceedings from conferences up to 2017 are published in downloadable PDF-format ebooks on Google Books. Selected talks from the conferences are expanded and collected into full-length ebooks and traditional, full-content printed books.

Conference Proceedings >>

Conference proceedings from ETCMOS 2017 and earlier are published as free, downloadable PDFs on Google Books. Go to the Conferences page to see the proceedings for a specific conference.

Due to increasing difficulties obtaining and managing copyright permissions to publish slides, we will not publish conference proceedings beginning with ETCMOS 2018. We will publish a final program with contact information for all the speakers; please contact the speakers directly if you would like a copy of their slides from the conference.

Devices, Circuits, and Systems Series

Full-length books edited by leading experts from around the world, published by CRC Press. Designed for researchers and graduate students, the books provide in-depth discussion and analysis of current research directions in sensors, telecommunications, nanotechnology, etc.

Publishing with ET CMOS >>

We publish selected talks from our conferences as full-content traditional printed and electronic books (through CRC Press). If you are interested in contributing a chapter or editing a book with us, please contact us with a 1-page summary of your idea.